Day One

Experiential activities with Certified PTDC Dogs 

​Multiple role plays catered to participants' needs

The use of metaphors

Impact on the therapeutic environment

Who benefits?
Canine Calming Signals and body language

Training tips

What makes a good therapy dog?

Handling Skills (risks versus benefits)

Ethics and AAT

Good practice standards

Policies and Procedures


Watch an actual test/Test items

Sample Agenda

Day Two


Exclusionary Criteria

Cultural considerations

Treatment planning

Specific Diagnosis and Individualized AAIs

Creative animal assisted interventions

Group Curriculum

Evidenced based practices- CBT, MST, MI, DBT

Multiple role plays catered to participants' needs

Animal abuse and the LINK

Books and games



Case Examples

Strengths & Weaknesses of different types of therapy dogs

Complete evaluation form on workshop

Sample Workshop Agenda

Dedicated to the enhancement of animal assisted therapy.