Dedicated to the enhancement of animal assisted therapy.

‚ÄčThe Workshop Package

For $300*, individuals can expect to receive:

  1. The Prescreen Interview and Handling Skills Test. Curious to see if you and your dog are ready to become a certified PTDC team? A PTDC representative will meet with you and your dog one-on-one to assess your strengths as a team, review the environment(s) in which you are intending to work with your canine co-therapist, and make recommendations as to areas in which you two can improve. We will also provide and opportunity for you to run through the actual Handling Skills Test to assess your teamwork and your dog's reaction to distractions/stressors. For this service only, it is $75.
  2. The Two-Day Educational Workshop. Two full-days of learning everything and anything to do with animal-assisted therapy.
  3. The Official PTDC Manual.  A bound copy of the 170+ page manual.
  4. The Handling Skills Test & Registration as a PTDC Team. Once you and your dog are ready, it's time for the big test! Dog-handler team have three tries to successfully pass each item on the Handling Skills Test in order to become registered as an official PTDC Team. Once you pass, you are given a fancy certificate that certifies you for two years. After those two years are up, teams are required to re-test with us to ensure continued appropriateness for AAT. For your required retest every 2 years, this service is $50. We require a copy of your current vaccination records prior to testing. 
  5. Ongoing support. PTDC is here for any questions you might have, and you also get discounted access to our other services. Register now->

* Cancellation policy: Workshop package is 75% refundable with 48hr notice, otherwise the package is transferrable to a future workshop.