Workshop Objectives

Our educational workshops are designed for professionals and volunteers who are involved in the mental health field and want to work with their canine companions in providing Animal Assisted Interventions (AAIs) or Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT).

Workshop participants can expect:

  • To expand and enhance their knowledge of working with therapy dogs in counseling sessions.
  • To have a greater understanding of canine body language (their primary method of communication) and how this can be used in a therapeutic milieu.
  • To learn positive training techniques that will build their relationship with their canine companion.
  • To learn about research about the power of the human/animal bond and its applications in the mental health field.
  • To understand the difference between therapy dogs, service animals, psychiatric service animals, and emotional support animals.
  • To conduct site assessments to evaluate the appropriateness of AAT in any setting, and how to continually evaluate their practice
  • To have a greater understanding of safety and ethics in the evolving field of AAT and reduce liability.
  • To learn and create AAIs to address the treatment goals of various populations/folks with different diagnoses in a variety of mental health settings, including schools, offices, day treatment facilities, hospitals, and more.
  • To learn about the Link between animal abuse and family violence, and assess for animal abuse.
  • To be familiar with resources dealing with dog training, AAT, and the human-animal bond.

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